Land Preservation

Cranguyma Farms occupies a very special place: the Long Beach Peninsula that separates Washington’s Willapa Bay from the Pacific Ocean is a pristine area of natural beauty and resources. Preserving our fragile environment is crucial to sustain both future harvests and future generations.

Cranguyma Farms is nestled in the heart of Washington's Long Beach Peninsula.

Cranguyma Farms is nestled in the heart of Washington's Long Beach Peninsula.

One of the most valuable resources to cranberry growers is water. We use water to irrigate the fields, to flood the bogs at harvest time, and to spray on the dormant vines during winter to protect against frost. All this is carefully done according to an integrated plan to pump water from our farm lakes, and let gravity carry it sequentially from one bog to the next, before the water finally flows back to the lakes.

Island Lake Forest

The Columbia Land Trust recently purchased a 359-acre preserve known as Island Lake Forest, which borders three lakes and is adjacent to the northernmost bogs on our property.

The deal spares this forest’s majestic spruce, hemlock, and fir trees from modern threats of logging and bulldozers. It safeguards essential habitat for owls, songbirds, and Great Blue Herons. It preserves the one of the Northwest Coast’s largest non-industrial privately owned blocks of old-growth forest as a natural haven of immense beauty at the heart of the Long Beach Peninsula.

We encourage you to watch the Columbia Land Trust’s video below about Island Lake Forest.

Island Lake Forest & the Columbia Land Trust:
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