U-Pick Blueberries

The 2018  U-Pick season has officially ended. We look forward to seeing you at the U-Pick patch in mid-July 2019 and will be available for pickers through early October. We look forward to seeing you then!

About U-Pick Blueberries at Cranguyma

What could be more fun for your family than picking your very own blueberries? The immediate satisfaction of the plump, juicy berries squishing in your mouth of course! All with the confidence that our blueberries have are 100% free from pesticides or herbicides.

The Blueberry Shed

The Blueberry Shed

Cranguyma Farms welcomes you to our famous seven-acre organic blueberry patch. It’s an adventure: bring your kids or your friends! Come pick as many—or as few—as you want. Just pay by the pound of what you’ve picked ($2.50/lb). Then enjoy!

With tables and chairs, our blueberry shed is an inviting place where you can take a break from berry picking and enjoy a picnic lunch. In the shed, we also sell freshly picked blueberries in pints ($4) and 5 lb flats ($25). In the autumn months, we also offer U-Pick Cranberries.  The U-pick cranberry bog is not open in 2018.

The blueberry patch is located about 150 feet through the entrance to Cranguyma Farms on Sandridge and 113th Lane, just north of Long Beach, Washington. Blueberries are ready for harvest from July through October. The farm is open from 8am to 6pm daily, and admission is free.