The Farm Today

Cranguyma Farms is a fifth-generation working cranberry, blueberry, and holly farm on the Long Beach Peninsula in southwest Washington. The 200-acre farm is steeped in history and tradition and is currently owned by three different family heirs.

Old Cranguyma and its original “campsite” are owned by the Frank Oliver Glenn family. This portion of the farm includes all of the original farm buildings, approximately ten acres of blueberries, 120 acres of cranberry bogs in production, forestland with hiking trails, Gile Lake, and approximately sixty peacocks. The farm forest is filled with bear, coyote, deer, elk, possum, porcupine, rabbits, great blue heron, Canada geese, Douglas chipmunks, and the occasional bobcat.

The Columbia Land Trust recently purchased an approximately 350-acre nature preserve known as Island Lake Forest, which borders three lakes and is adjacent to the northernmost bogs on our property.

Cranguyma Farms