Cranberries at Cranguyma

No spot in the world is more favored than Cranguyma Farms for the culture of cranberries. The long, narrow Northwest Coast peninsula where we’re located has exactly the right combination of sand ridges, deep peat bogs, and cool climate needed to grow the tangy cranberry in all its fruity goodness. To Nature’s work, we’ve added our own. The result: big, beautiful, juicy berries, the like of which would be mighty hard to find anywhere else!

Today we have plantings of carefully selected stock covering several hundred acres… the largest cranberry farm on the peninsula.

Cranberry Harvest

At Cranguyma Farms, we “wet harvest” our berries, meaning we flood the cranberry bogs and corral the ripe, floating berries into one corner of the bog where there’s a pipe that sucks them up into the truck.

The general process is described with photos at this link.

Here on the peninsula, Frank Glenn IV produced this video of Cranguyma’s 2008 cranberry harvest:

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